Futoshi Shimizu(Tokyo Symphony Orchestra)
Musicians can make sounds as they please in all dynamics with these mallets. They have colorful tones, full resonance and clear pitch. More over, they are very easy to control.


Stefan Kittlaus(Dresden Philharmonic)
I know the timpani sticks of Naoki Shoji recently and I am thrilled – meet all the important criteria: The balance between head and shaft resulting in a very good feel, perfect synchrony of the shafts per pair, high skill in making process – also  Naoki Shoji perfectly comply with every wish of the player such as shaft weight or diameter – in short: These replicas sound as if they were original.

Ich kenne die Schlegel von Naoki Shoji erst seit kurzem und bin begeistert – erfüllen alle wichtigen Kriterien: Ausgewogenheit zwischen Kopfgröße und Stiel was ein sehr gutes Spielgefühl zur Folge hat , perfekte Synchronität der Stiele pro Paar , hohe Fertigkeit in der Verarbeitung – außerdem setzt Naoki Shoji jeden Wunsch des Kunden was Schlegelgewicht oder Stieldurchmesser zu 100% um – kurzum: Schlegel wie man sie für sich selber bauen würde.


Nicolas Dunesme(Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire)
I am very impressed by the quality of “Kittlaus Project” sticks.
The quality of the felt is exceptional, the weight of the stick is perfect.
They sound clear and round. They are very easy and confotable to play.
The handmade manufacturing is very good.
Sticks are beautiful, like Stefan magical playing. Thank you for making these products!


Yota Mori(Kyusyu Symphony Orchestra)
We can find each great character of “Kittlaus Project” mallets in their all rich sound, and the character will grow up still more as I use!!


Akio Watanabe(Orchestra  Ensemble Kanazawa)
Bach model is one of my favorite mallets. “Timpani, more hard sticks!!” This is one of the most frequent requests from conductors in rich resonant concert halls. Sometimes the sentense even turns into “Wood or Cork sticks!!” I can meet these requests with the model in most cases. I can get well-matched attacking sound, rich tone and steady pitch without damaging plastic heads or calf skins.


Kazunori Momose(former timpanist of NHK Symphony Orchestra)
The balance between bamboo shafts and heads is very good!!