Thanks for your interest in products of Academia Mallets. This is Naoki Shoji, an engineer of the shop. But above anything else, I’m also a timpanist. I started to make timpani mallets over 10 years ago just for myself. Steadily my colleagues got to use my mallets and one day I realized many professional musicians were playing with them. This is the reason why the main line-up of my shop is timpani mallets. Moreover I formed alliance with the leading drum head company in Japan “ASPR” in recent years. The selected heads are also available in my shop. I hope my items help your performance so much.


Sticks in “G” line have basic and traditional head structures. The core material is cork except model-Bach. Meanwhile, they are made of utterly new FRP shafts. I have just succeeded in producing the FRP shafts similar to high cultured German style bamboo shafts in weight, diameter, length and other feelings. Moreover, you can easily find that these shafts are rounder, straighter and more accurate!  These high experienced mallets are now on sale at a absolutely reasonable price.


On the other hand, “S” is the series of more polished and advanced mallets. All of them are supported by cutting-edge monodzukuri mind and technology. S1 and S2 equip a Japanese bamboo core. Players can easily find richer sound and higher control performance. S3 is covered with soft polyester sheets instead of German felts. You will be surprised with their really effortless tremoro sound. The shaft material of S series is the most refined carbon that perfectly designed for timpani mallets. Some of the characteristics of the shaft are the roundness, straightness, accuracy as FRP shaft, even slightly tapered shape, luxury mahogany color with matte finish. The weight is based on highly balanced bamboos but the precision may be beyond them.

Series “Kittlaus”

Stefan Kittlaus is, needlesstosay, an outstanding timpanist of Dresdner Philharmonie. Stefan tried my mallets in 2018 at first and admired my craftmanship and immediately ordered to make replicas of his own original bamboo mallets for himself. That is, “Kittlaus series” is the special selection of replicas.

ASPR Heads

I also sell the ASPR(ah-sa-pu-ra) skin heads. Their history started in 1963  as a production company of YAMAHA drum heads. These days, they tied up with Litik and now are ready to release the crimped skin heads for drum as if it were a plastic head!! Their reasonable prices are also fascinating. The time for you has come to try skin heads.